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Dr. Ronald Stewart, Eric Epley Testify in Austin

In March, the Texas House Committee on Homeland Security & Public Safety reached out to TETAF to solicit testimony on the Driver Responsibility Program, as well as an interim charge on disaster preparedness. TETAF is grateful to Dr. Ronald Stewart of San Antonio & Eric Epley of the Southwest Texas Regional Advisory Council (STRAC) for accepting our invitation and traveling to Austin today.

Dr. Ronald Stewart of University Health System San Antonio and the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma shared a historical look at the DRP and the accomplishments that have been achieved since implementation of this funding stream. He stressed the need to maintain steady funding for trauma care in Texas and answered questions posed by the committee. Dr. Stewart’s testimony was well-received and he was assured by the Chairman that continuing to fund the state trauma system will be of utmost importance to the committee.

Eric Epley, Executive Director of STRAC, provided important testimony on the role of Regional Advisory Councils in preparing for, and responding to natural disasters. His testimony will be used to advise the committee as they prepare an interim report on the state’s natural disaster preparedness planning efforts.

An archive broadcast of the hearing is available here.