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Legislative Advocacy for the Non-Legislative Profesional

Engage in this quality, practical learning opportunity regarding the legislative process in Texas and what you REALLY need to know and do to be effective. This class is for the non-legislative professional who needs a deeper understanding of the legislative process with an “outsider’s” view of the pink dome. Learn more and sign-up online!

Topics Discussed:

  • The Texas Legislature – A Historical Perspective – Gain foundational knowledge important to understanding the legislative process in Texas in the 21st century.
  • Learning the Ropes: Key Legislative Resources – There’s no need to struggle on the basics in seeking information. This session will provide key legislative resources that are available to the public at large at little or no cost plus additional resources for those with a larger budget and staff.
  • The Bill has 9 Lives: Life Cycle of a Bill – Legislative bill creation, drafting and how it travels through the process will be discussed. Learn how and why a “dead” bill can be resuscitated and gain new life unexpectedly.
  • Playing by the Rules: An Introduction to Legislative Process and Procedure – Following the legislative process is sometimes akin to watching a game of chess. Discover how the rules play a critical role in policy implementation and political gamesmanship.
  • Developing Sustainable Relationships in an Evolving Political Environment – To be effective in the legislative arena, you cannot wait until January of every odd number year to get involved; by then, it’s too late. Learn the critical importance of developing relationships year round and why the “who” matters.
  • Effective Communication Strategies – Communicating within the legislative arena involves much more than showing up to a hearing and “having your say”. Learn why what you don’t say or do can be just as impactful as what you do on issues of importance.
  • Legislative Ethics: Not Just for Lawyers and Doctors – Ethical behavior in the legislative arena is not an oxymoron. This discussion will address why just as important for stakeholders to act ethically as it is for legislators and elected officials.
  • Clearly Identifying Your Role in the Advocacy Process – Whether you serve as an information resource only or as a dedicated advocate for your cause, you must understand your position in the process and how your actions and words will be perceived either to the advantage or detriment to your cause or organization.
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