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NICU Pre-Survey Questionnaire (PSQ) Info

The TETAF Perinatal Services Program is underway, having conducted several surveys and continuing to tweak the process to provide facilities with the very best service available.

Prior to the survey, facilities will receive a Pre-Survey Questionnaire (PSQ). The PSQ is an information gathering tool to provide the surveyors with advance knowledge of the program. All programs are unique and it is helpful for the surveyors to understand how individual programs works in order to plan for the site survey.

If your facility is not able to answer a question in the PSQ, please share what you can and select N/A if needed. If TETAF requires additional information to address the rule criteria, a surveyor will ask for it on site. The PSQ is confidential and is not shared with anyone other than the facility's surveyors and the TETAF survey coordinators.

The TETAF Perinatal Services Program is always available to answer your questions or address your concerns. Contact Brenda Putz ( or Kathy Clayton ( with any questions at 512/524-2892.

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