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Updated NEMSIS Submission Information

The Department of State Health Services Office of EMS/Trauma System Coordination and the EMS & Trauma Registries have provided updated information regarding NEMSIS data submission online.

According to the standards published on November, 16 2016, all entities need to implement the Texas Custom Schematron when sending NEMSIS data to the state. EMS Allotment Fund is dependent on the amount of money available in the following accounts: Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Care System Account (911 fund), the Emergency Medical Services, Trauma Facilities, and Trauma Care System Fund (1131 fund) and the Designated Trauma Facility and Emergency Medical Services Fund (3588 fund). The calculation of the funding formula includes a trauma service area's geographic size, its population, and the number of eligible emergency healthcare runs (trauma and medical) submitted to the DSHS Texas EMS & Trauma Registries. Per normal department methodology, runs reported for the 2017 calendar year will be used to calculate funding allocation amounts for disbursement in 2019. Affidavits attesting good faith efforts to submit 2017 calendar data to the DSHS Texas EMS & Trauma Registries will be accepted for the FY 2019 EMS Allotment Fund calculations.

A webinar will be held next Wednesday, June 14th at 1 pm CST, to describe the onboarding process for web services file submission.


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