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New Study on Non-Traffic Injuries and Fatalities

While significant reductions in vehicle crash-related child fatalities have occurred over the past few decades, less is known about non-traffic injuries and fatalities and around motor vehicles.

A new study in the Traffic Injury Prevention Journal describes the national incidence of various non-traffic incidents, injuries and fatalities to children in the United States using a comprehensive, longstanding surveillance system and database.

Over the 25-year period, there were at least 11,759 events resulting in 3,396 deaths. The median age of the affected child was 3.7 years. The incident types included 3,115 children unattended in hot vehicles 729 deaths, 2,251 backovers 1,232 deaths, 1,439 frontovers 692 deaths, 777 vehicles knocked into motion 227 deaths, 415 underage drivers 203 deaths, 172 power window incidents 61 deaths, 134 falls 54 deaths and 79 fires 41 deaths, and 3,377 other incidents 157 deaths.