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TETAF Restructuring Timeline

As the TETAF Board of Directors moves forward to implement the governance recommendations contained in the IHS Report, please be aware of the following actions and timelines they are working toward.

October 18 – 27: Drafting of new TETAF bylaws by Kevin Reed with input from TETAF Board Ad-Hoc Bylaw Committee
November 1: TETAF draft bylaws shared with RAC voting members and stakeholders
November 6: TETAF General Meeting Conference Call to review and receive input on drafted TETAF bylaws
November 9: Final Proposed TETAF bylaws distributed
November 19 @ 7 am: Omni Fort Worth Hotel – TETAF General Meeting to vote on proposed bylaws

If the new Bylaws are approved November 19 then the following additional timelines would be implemented:

November 19-December 7: Nominations to serve on the new TETAF Board to be submitted by the 44 known new TETAF General Assembly Members*
*Proposed TETAF General Assembly Members will be composed of the 22 RAC Chairs + an additional member determined by each RAC (executive director, vice-chair or other designee) for a total of 44 Members
*Once new board and councils are seated, the new Governance Council will help to nominate 3 additional At Large General Assembly Members at a later date
December 14 or 15 (proposed): Meeting of the new TETAF General Assembly to consider and vote on new TETAF Board
January 2018: new TETAF Board installed
January 2018: new TETAF Board meets to organize – draw straws on terms (1-3 years), vote on chair and other officer positions including chairs of councils
February 2018: TETAF Board Strategic Planning Meeting
The TETAF Board recognizes the aggressiveness of these timelines and will alter dates only if warranted. The TETAF Board  wishes for this process to be a focused but robust one with healthy input from all interested parties. If you have questions regarding the process and timelines laid out please do not hesitate to contact TETAF staff or a member of the TETAF Board.  The Board's intention is to keep all interested parties fully apprised of any developments.
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