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Texas Legislature Examining Hurricane Harvey Response

The Texas legislature is currently examining several interim charges related to disaster preparedness and the response to Hurricane Harvey. Interested stakeholders can learn more on our Advocacy Page or by joining the TETAF Legislative Workgroup.

On Wednesday, Nov 8, the Senate Health & Human Services Committee will meet in Austin to review the state's response to Hurricane Harvey with a focus on public health efforts at the local and state level. The hearing will include an analysis of the state and local response related to vector control, immunization needs, utilization of health-related volunteers, adequacy of an emergency medical network, evacuation of vulnerable populations from state operated or regulated facilities and coordination between all levels of government.

The committee has been tasked with recommending any legislative changes necessary to improve public health response and coordination during and after a disaster. Public testimony will be heard.

In addition, the House Appropriations Committee will meet in Corpus Christi that morning for a hearing to examine the use of federal funds by state agencies responding to the effects of Hurricane Harvey and identify opportunities to maximize the use of federal funds to reduce the impact of future natural disasters.