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Together, We Are Making An Impact

It’s human nature to sometimes wonder if what we are doing is making an impact. We get busy with the work at hand, and too often don’t stop to assess the progress and applaud the triumphs. TETAF is no different. We are a busy team whose work reaches every corner of the state. We’re carrying out a big mission:  to minimize the human suffering and economic cost created by health-related emergencies, traumatic injuries and crisis events in Texas.

So, this winter we took some time to assess where we’ve been and what we have accomplished. Our Impact Report shares some of the highlights of the past three years, and the Regional Advisory Councils, healthcare professionals and TETAF stakeholders across the state have a lot to be proud of. The past 18 months were a time of tremendous growth for TETAF. The opportunities and challenges we have faced have led to a stronger, more dynamic organization.

We’ve expanded our services dramatically, from trauma and stroke designation verification surveys to NICU and now this year, through our Texas Perinatal Services Program, maternal care designation verification surveys. In just the first few months since the new maternal care rules were issued, we’ve fielded dozen of calls from hospitals wanting information and guidance. We’ve been busy scheduling both surveys and education sessions, and handpicking the most highly qualified Texas-based survey teams.

Are we really making an impact? The answer, as the report shares, is a resounding YES! According to the report, hospitals reported more than 98 percent satisfaction with their survey experience during post-survey evaluations. We are proud to share the 2015-17 Impact Reportwith you, and invite you to browse its pages to learn how, together, we truly are making a difference in the lives of Texans.


Dinah S. Welsh
Chief Executive Officer