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Get to Know the TETAF Councils (Committees)

The current TETAF bylaws call for the establishment of five councils to support the work of, and make recommendations to, the Board of Directors. It is the intention of the Board to rename the Councils as “Committees” in order to better reflect their designated roles and responsibilities. Each Council consists of both Board Members and additional appointed stakeholders.

Finance and Audit Council
Craig Rhyne
Board Members:
Kathy Perkins, Peyton Ware
Appointed Stakeholders: Dave Reimer, Jeff Thibodeaux
The Finance and Audit Council shall be responsible for identifying strategies and plans to enhance the long range financial vitality

Survey/Verification Council
 Jorie Klein
Board Members: Nilda Garcia, Donald Jenkins, Lori Robb
Appointed Stakeholders: Jacky Betts, Robin Garza, Lisa Hutchison, Kathy Rodgers, Scott Sagraves, Lori Vinson
The Survey/Verification Council shall be responsible for enabling the conduct of respected surveys that enhance the quality of services provided by EMS, trauma, and related acute care services across Texas.

Advocacy Council
Chair: Jeffrey Beeson
Board Members: Eric Epley, Darrell Pile, Wanda Helgesen
Appointed Stakeholders: Stephanie Lebowitz, Sally Snow, Elizabeth Scherer, Christin Timmons
The Advocacy Council shall amplify the voice and influence of all Regional Advisory Councils and related EMS and trauma stakeholders by educating and advocating to local and state policy makers and statewide associations to shape policies, laws, regulations, and funding that maximizes the Texas EMS and trauma system.

Education Council
Chair: Scott Christopher
Board Members: Ricky Reeves, Danny Updike
Appointed Stakeholders: Courtney Edwards, Garrett Hall, Dawn Koepp, Tonya Martin, Taylor Ratcliff, Robin Wiatrek
The Education Council shall assess and respond to unique non-competitive and ultimate needs for educational programming and consulting support for Regional Advisory Councils and their stakeholder organizations and professionals.

Governance Council
Dudley Wait
Board Members: Kenneth Mattox, Edward Racht
Appointed Stakeholders: Christa De La Garza, Jim Parisi, Christine Reeves, Gilbert Torres
The Governance Council shall ensure the pursuit and achievement of continuous governance enhancement.

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