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RAC R Trains 700 at Santa Fe ISD to Stop the Bleed!

Member Spotlight: East Texas Gulf Coast RAC

In 2016, the East Texas Gulf Coast Regional Trauma Advisory Council (RAC-R) committed grant funds to purchase Stop the Bleed Kits to place with every AED throughout the schools in their region. EMS providers and hospitals began reaching out to the superintendents of the school districts to offer free bleeding control training. Upon completion of training, schools would be provided bleeding control kits. As RAC-R members spent time encouraging this training, they found reluctance from schools to accept this offer.

May 18, 2018 started as a normal day at Santa Fe High School. Freshman and sophomore students were in art class when the day quickly turned tragic. The unthinkable was happening; a fellow classmate began shooting in the art classroom and the hall of the art complex. Eight students and two teachers lost their lives while another thirteen were injured. A school police officer was shot in the arm and was rapidly losing blood. The quick action by his partner, who rapidly applied a tourniquet, saved the life of the officer.

This month, the Santa Fe School District made the decision to provide mandatory bleeding control training to all employees. UTMB staff were prepared to provide training but the emotional state of the employees was a concern. A conscientious effort was made to ensure volunteers provided the training in a sensitive manner while still providing the necessary information. The decision was made to remove all graphic photographs from the presentation and focus on other activities in the school that could cause serious injuries such as the Ag Program, Culinary Arts, etc. In addition, mental health providers were available on site to assist with the emotional needs of the employees and a therapy dog in training was also present. In all, almost 700 district employees received this vital training.

Training was accomplished with the assistance of many staff and EMS agencies. A big thank you to Angleton EMS, Lake Jackson EMS, UTMB League City Campus and UTMB Galveston Campus.