TETAF Board of Directors Election

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Election for the 2024 TETAF Board of Directors

TETAF seeks to recruit and cultivate new board members who are:

  • Smart about health system governance and financing;
  • Agile in their decision making about a fast changing marketplace for health care, disaster, and emergency services;
  • Diverse in their understanding of and appreciation for the variations in needs and desires from an increasingly diverse state;
  • Engaged in the complexities and work of modern health care, disaster, and emergency services;
  • Enthused about the challenges of growing the range and quality of TETAF services and philanthropy depth to meet its mission and strategic TETAF program advocacy and financial plans;
  • Informed about the rapidly changing medical and economic landscape of health care and emergency response systems; and
  • Linked with the many communities, Regional Advisory Councils (RACs), and related organizations for the successful journey from good to great governance.

Board Member Selection Guidelines

The TETAF Governance Committee adopts these guidelines to have a diverse Board of Directors representing a wide variety of constituents active in the areas of acute care, EMS, trauma, maternal, neonatal, and stroke. These guidelines shall be reviewed by the Committee annually and revised as needed. The Committee shall, from time to time, solicit input from the Board of Directors regarding these guidelines.

The Governance Committee shall specifically recruit, qualify, nominate, and encourage the election of individuals from the following criteria. It is not the intent of these guidelines to limit individuals elected to the Board of Directors to those representing one or more of the following areas, however it is the intent to typically seek individuals from the following areas to participate as members of the Board of Directors. Candidates may seek a letter showing their active participation with their Regional Advisory Council (RAC) or a letter of recommendation from a RAC. Participation should be defined by the RAC.

  1. Geography
  2. Race/Gender
  3. RAC Involvement
  4. Physicians, nurses, paramedics, hospital administrators, or subject matter experts who are actively involved or serving in leadership positions in maternal, neonatal, stroke, trauma care, and EMS.
  5. Recognized expertise or experience with an organization or in an area relevant to the mission of TETAF.
  6. A willingness to commit time and effort required of a member of the Board of Directors.